CARES Children's Health Home Program

Building Blocks for Life

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What is a Health Home?

A Health Home is a care management agency that works with families whose children have developmental delays, chronic medical conditions, experience complex trauma, or have serious emotional problems. Our goal is to help support a child's complete wellbeing by partnering with the family, medical facilities, educational programs, and other health care institutions that service them.

CARES will provide eligible families, who receive Medicaid benefits; with a Care Manager who will bring together all of the best quality services they need to build a brighter future. Our Care Manager will be the family's constant ally to achieve lasting wellbeing, to prevent health crisis, and to pave the way for success.

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Health Homes Provide Six Core Services

Patient and Family Support

Comprehensive Care Management

Transitional Care

Linking Community Supports

Access to Health Information Technology

Health Promotion

Member of the Collaborative For Children & Families (CCF)

Enrollment in a Health Home is easy, just complete a referral form and fax it to us at 212-420-1910, or call us at 212-420-1970 Ext. 128, and one of the Care Manager’s will be glad to assist the family with the process.