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COVID-19: During this crisis, you are not alone. All CARES services, including evaluations and therapeutic services are available via telehealth including telephone and video options in the privacy of your home at no cost!

Call 212-420-1970 ext.123 or email to request services.

The CARES licensed clinic for children, adolescents and adults provides a vast array of clinical services for children and adults with Autism, Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, their caregivers and family members.

** These services are available at no cost to eligible individuals (through Medicaid).

Therapeutic Services

Individual counseling and support group opportunities are available for children, adolescents, and adults, as well as their caregivers and other family members. These services employ a strength based approach to improve functioning and independence, expand communication and social skills, develop coping skills, increase safety awareness and enhance overall well-being. Services are custom designed to meet the needs of each child, adult and their unique family situations to support the individual and to enhance the competency, confidence and well-being of caregivers.

The CARES multilingual professional team includes licensed psychologists and social workers experienced diagnosing and treating children and adults with Autism and other intellectual/ developmental disabilities.

A variety of counseling options and support groups are available

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group social skills training
  • Parent support and counseling - individual
  • Parent Support Group.

Psychiatric Consultation and Medication Management

Psychiatric consultation is available for children and adults to diagnose mental health conditions and to arrange treatment options. Where medication is warranted, medication management services are available. Our Board Certified Psychiatrist is experienced in issues of mental health and developmental disabilities for children and adults.


Guardianship is a legal process ensuring the long-term care of people with developmental disabilities. The guardian is granted the authority to continue to advocate for the needs of an individual after s/he turned 18. The guardian helps the individual with everyday decisions including health care decisions. Guardianship services include psychological assessments which are a pre-requisite to attaining guardianship.

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Transportation Reimbursement is Available for Eligible Individuals

To schedule an intake call Pearl Ratz @212-420-1970 ext.123, fax your documents to
212-420-1906 or email Please click here, complete the referral form, save and attach it to your request for a clinical service.

Please submit a current insurance card, any previous evaluation, IEPs and recent medical information to determine eligibility for these services.